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St Moritz – Chic, Elegant, Exclusive and Cosmopolitan

With my feet itching, taste buds eager and throat dry I knew it was time for another journey in search of terrific, fabulous and fine food and wine. September, my bags packed and off to Europe we go. The first stop on our journey was one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations, St Moritz, […]

Washington DC – Unmistakably Delicious Taste of History

Washington D.C. is a place bursting with historical landmarks, all of which are insightful and inspiring. The best way to do sightseeing in this remarkable city is to hop on board a city bus and experience the unsurpassed views of the city’s distinctive landmarks and enjoy an educational glimpse into its fascinating history. It’s like […]

New York – Golden key to Gramercy Park and Tavern

For our last night we decided to dine at the renowned Gramercy Tavern, close to Gramercy Park and an historic attraction in a private enclave exclusive to local residents and Gramercy Park hotel guests. Being guests at the hotel gave us the opportunity to enter this place of intrigue and to step into a quieter […]

New York – Culinary Masterpiece

The highlight of my New York City trip was undoubtedly my first visit to 3 star Michelin, 4 star New York Times flagship restaurant and winner of four James Beard Foundation Awards, the gastronomic temple of Chef Daniel Boulud. This, in my opinion, is a remarkable restaurant – remarkable enough to warrant a trip to […]

New York – The Gem of the Lower East Side

Modern, contemporary and complete with quirky free-flowing pink Champagne bar in the ladies’ room, accompanied by a charming pawnshop selling handpicked vintage jewellery, classic guitars and tributes to the spirit of the Lower East Side, this is Beauty & Essex Restaurant. The gem of the Lower East Side oozes early sixties glam, from the two-story […]

New York – Old New York Elegance and Sophistication

My recent journey of discovery led me to old New York elegance and sophistication, and the renowned mutton chop at Keens Steakhouse. Keens Steakhouse is one of the most legendary in NYC, having been a meaty Mecca since as far back as 1885. Whilst the style and sophistication of old New York may be gone, […]

New York – Modern Japanese Cuisine

In the heart of Tribeca you will find the revolutionary new age Megu Restaurant that specialises in modern Japanese sushi and sumibi aburiyaki, a grilling technique using bincho-tan, a special charcoal found only near Kyoto and prized for its superior purifying qualities. In their modern approach to the ancient ideal of an extraordinary food experience, […]

New York – Lunchtime Delights

I revelled in the culinary pleasures of numerous enticing restaurants during my recent trip to New York City. Here are some of my favourite lunchtime delights. THE PEARL OYSTER BAR – The West Village The Pearl Oyster Bar is an upmarket version of a New England fish shack, best known for its lemony-fresh lobster roll. […]

New York – The City that never Sleeps

“Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it – New York, New York.” My latest trip was in June and my virgin journey to the city that never sleeps. It was a profound trip with the hustle and bustle of a city that provides endless experiences, amazing food […]

Under the Tuscan sun…

I have a persisting dream of visiting the rolling hills of Italy with its fields of giant yellow sunflowers…experiencing the local cuisine and savouring the elegant wines whilst indulging in the sincerity and warmth of the Italian people. Well, my dream finally came true in our recent visit to Tuscany…and in no less than a […]

Kissing the Sea on my Lips

If you have ever visited Spain, you will know that the Spaniards have a love affair with seafood. If you think about it, their love for seafood is only natural, considering that Spain is surrounded, on three sides, by water – the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Cantabric Sea to the north and the […]

Roadside Extravaganza…

The second restaurant on my journey was the highly acclaimed Tinars, the home of brother and sister partners, Marc and Elena Gascons. Being a third generation of the Gascons-Lloveres- Palagós Vergés, Elena tends the restaurant and Marc is executive chef. My initial impression of the restaurant was rather mixed – Tinars is a road side […]

The Heart of the Costa Brava

A long-awaited and very much anticipated journey back to Spain led me to the origin of my culinary curiosities… Situated in Platja dÁro, the heart of the Costa Brava, is a veranda overlooking the Mediterranean where the essences of luxury, relaxation, pleasure and the art of gastronomy blend together in perfect harmony. Dinner began gracefully […]